Nature trails around the River Fluvia are included within the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park. The route starts at the Office of Tourism, situated very near the bridge over the River Fluvia, where there is a green space with wooden tables and chairs where you can relax, contemplate the scenery or eat once your have completed your route.

The first part of the journey follows the bank of the river, along a path until you reach a wooden footbridge, which crosses the Old River, the original course of the Fluvia. Further on, there is the Caramany Island, Integrated Nature Reserve of the Natural Park, where you can observe species such as mallards, moorhens, egrets or herons.

After about half an hour’s walk along the river, the vegetation changes into a landscape of rushes and tamarisks, typical saline land plants. We then approach the mouth of the River Fluvià from the source. We turn right and follow the path that runs along the edge of the beach. Here we can see some bird species, such as storks. After 700 metres we turn left and take the path that will lead us back to the beginning of the route. The route takes about one and a half hours on foot, but you can also do it by bicycle. The route is signposted and has several viewpoints where you can stop and relax, enjoy the scenery or take photos.


La Reserva Mig de Dos Rius és un espai inclòs dins el Parc Natural Els Aiguamolls de l’Empordà i refugi molt important de fauna salvatge. És un espai per a gaudir de l’observació de la natura, on l’aigua del riu Fluvià hi és omnipresent i acompanya el visitant fins a la trobada amb la Mediterrània. La seva superfície inclou bosc de ribera, canyissar i prat de dall.

L’espai es troba a frec de la Reserva Natural Integral de l’Illa d’en Caramany, al marge esquerre del riu Fluvià i a 1,5 km de la desembocadura. L’Espai disposa d’una zona habilitada amb taules i bancs de fusta i és l’inici de la ruta de la Reserva Mig de Dos Rius.

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